The 1853 Gold Rush, a ‘Rush-worthwhile’.

Township of Rurshworth 1890.

In 1853 a party of miners camped near Waranga swamp, the next day the miners showed the local aboriginals their prized gold pieces, little did they know the local aboriginals were no strangers to their samples as they were soon able to lead the group to a series of alluvial deposits near metres from where they had camped the night before. With this discovery began another Victorian gold rush that would go on to last nearly 100 years and the formation of many small townships only one of which is standing today the township of Rushworth, making this relevantly small rush a ‘Rush-worthwhile’.[1]

[1] J Hammond, The Golden Years of Rushworth & Whroo, 2nd edn, Flattely & Son, 1981, pp.1